Thursday, December 16, 2010

A heavy heart

This Po Lil Black girl is sad right now. After crying for an ungodly amount of time and waking up with puffy eyes I m the one at fault for my misery and no one else. I failed myself. I always knew that failure was lurking around the corner and I just invited it in. I am ashamed of myself and the work that i have done beacuse I am much better.I don't know exactly where ii let myself fall was it in taking too many classes or working or hanging out with my boyfriend, crazy deadlines or am I really just a lazy ragady bitch. I know its a combo of them all. I really feel bad and angry with myself for this but thats life.
I guess i'll be just another Cleveland girl going to Tri-C next semester, instead of graduating. This shit really hurts

Yall please pray for this PoLil black girl
Cause I need it,
love PLBG

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